Bring some colour to your event

Want to make sure your event is remembered for all the right reasons? Then invite Hatty's to come along!

The current trend for all things retro makes party favours from Hatty's the ideal choice for any event. We all share memories of school days, and what better way of reminiscing than with the sweets that helped us through them! The universal quality of the retro sweets means that everybody has a memory to share, so reminiscing becomes the perfect talking point for colleagues, customers, neighbours and friends, bringing the party spirit to any event.

Our experienced team is happy to help you with pick 'n' mix collections and our knowledge of the range means that we can suggest the perfect blend of flavours or imagery to best portray your event. All you need to do is let us know your name, what the event is for, and roughly how many will be attending.

Our retro sweet filled jars and hampers make the perfect prize for a range of lucky winners from a corporate event to a childrens party. The large choice of pick 'n' mix at Hattys can be individually tailored by you to best match your brand, personality, event or industry, and gives that extra special finishing touch that will make your event one to remember!

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