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  • Chewy Bonbon Grab Bag
    Mixed bag of colourful chewy bonbons Flavours of bonbons: Blue Raspberry  Watermelon ​Vimto Tango Lemon Strawberry Rhubarb & Custard Toffee Bubblegum  The mix may vary depending on stock levels ..
  • Child Grab Bag
    The perfect mix for any kid big or small!  Contains  Candy Necklace  Mallow Twist Mini Mallows  Dew Drops Dolly Mixture  Milk Bottles  Jelly Beans  Teddy Bears  Friendship Rings  Heart Throbs  Terrific Turtles  Str..
  • Chocolate Grab Bag
    A mouth watering assortment of chocolate picn n mix   A mix of 10 different chocolates up to 350g White Mice, Chocolate Mice, Jazzies, Snowies, Mini Eggs, Strawberry Hearts, White Stars, Chocolate Honeycomb, Smarties & Fish and Chips.  Contents may vairy depending on ..
  • Fizzy Jelly Grab Bag
      All the fizzy favourites! The perfect treat for any sweeties lover.  Contents may vary depending on stock levels  Fizzy Fangs Fizzy Cherry Cola Bottles  Fizzy Cola Bottles  Fizzy Strawberries  Bubble Bottles  Fizzy Dummies  Fizzy Blue..
  • Hard Boiled Grab Bag
    All the old favourites for any traditional sweet lover young or old! Big kids will absolutely love this mix  ​Contains  Rosey Apples Pear Drops Rhubarb & Custard  Strawberry & Cream  Peaches & Cream  Caramel & Custard  Banana & C..
  • Haribo Grab Bag
    Grab bag stuffed full of the Haribo favourites!  Fried Eggs Cola Bottles  Heart Throbs  Teddy Bears  Friendship Rings Twin Cherries  Rhubarb & Custard Cables  Giant Strawberries  Terrific Turtles      ..
  • Liquorice Grab Bag
    A mix of mouth wateringly delicious liquorice! A great pick me up or the perfect gift for any liquorice lover  ..
  • Pick n Mix Share Bag
    Make up your own Pick ‘n’ Mix bag big enough to share or like Hatty keep it all for your self! Choose anything from the selection above, you can choose up to 15 different sweets and we will make up a 650g bag with a mix if each. ..
  • Pick ‘n’ Mix Pouch
    Make up your own Pick ‘n’ Mix pouch by choosing anything from the selection above, you can choose up to 10 different sweets and we will make up a 350g bag with mix of each! Yum! ..
  • Retro Grab Bag
    A mix of our most popular retro sweets! Great for a trip down memory lane or to share with your kids to treat them to some of the old school favourites  ..
  • Snack Pack
    A pocket sized treat perfect for party bags or any sweet lover who wants something on the go. Filled with a mix of our most popular sweets and chocolate  ..
  • Vegan Pick 'n' Mix Grab Bag
    A pick 'n' mix made up entirely of Vegan sweeties Mix of jellies, fizzy and retro sweets Contains: Flying Saucers Candy Necklace Love Hearts Fizzers Fizzy Dummies Fangs Fizzy Blue Stars Fizzy Rainbow Cables Fizzy Strawberries Fizzy Cherry Cola Bottles All beau..
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