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  • Candy Cones
    Candy cones are chocolate flavoured white and pink candy in the shape of miniature ice cream cones. A tasty, retro sweet.  ..
  • Chewing Nuts
    Chewing Nuts - No nuts here! The name is a bit deceptive but these chewing nuts are actually little pieces of hard toffee covered with milk chocolate.  ..
  • Chocolate Bananas
    Soft and chewy foam bananas coated with a yummy milk chocolate.  ..
  • Chocolate Brazil Nuts
    Chocolate Brazil Nuts - Creamy, crunchy brazil nuts smothered in a thick layer of milk chocolate.  ..
  • Chocolate Buttons
    Chocolate Buttons - Small discs of melt-in-your-mouth milk chocolate. ..
  • Chocolate Flavour Beans
    Chocolate Flavour Beans - A rainbow of chocolate discs in a colourful, crispy coating. We like putting these in a warm drink and letting the chocolate inside the sugar melt before we eat them.. ..
  • Chocolate Honeycomb
    Chocolate Honeycomb - Delicious melt in your mouth honeycomb chunks coated with a fine coating of milk chocolate.  Pre-packed in 150g bag for complete freshness. ..
  • Chocolate Icy Cups
    Melt in your mouth chocolate nestled in a little foil cup making a very dreamy treat.  ..
  • Chocolate Nut Clusters
    Chocolate Nut Clusters - Crunchy peanuts dipped in melt chocolate - a perfect sweet and savory combination.  ..
  • Chocolate Orange Crumble
    Chocolate Orange Crumble - A blend of real milk chocolate, caramel, wafer biscuit and zesty orange flavour to give a soft chocolate bite of loveliness. ..
  • Chocolate Peanuts
    Chocolate Peanuts - Crunchy peanuts coated in soft milk chocolate. The perfect combination of sweet and savoury.  ..
  • Chocolate Raisins
    Chocolate Raisins - Juicy raisins bursting with flavour coated by a delicious milk chocolate. A perfectly naughty but nice treat!  ..
  • Chocolate Sports Balls
    Chocolate Sports Balls - Solid milk chocolate wrapped in a variety of different sports balls themed foil. The perfect treat for a sports fan. ..
  • Coconut Macaroons
    Coconut Macaroons  - Soft, melt in your mouth milk chocolate mixed with flavourful pieces of coconut. Delicious!  ..
  • Fish & Chips
    Fish & Chips - No fish or potatoes in these fish & chips! White chocolate shaped fish and chips.  ..
  • Fruit & Nut Chocolate Cluster
    Fruit & Nut Chocolate Cluster - A perfectly balanced combination of crunchy nuts and juicy raisins blended together and coated in milk chocolate.  ..
  • Milk Chocolate Mice
    Milk Chocolate Mice - Deliciously moreish milk chocolate flavoured mice.  ..
  • Milk Jazzies
    Milk Jazzies - Tasty milk chocolate buttons with one side covered in rainbow coloured candy sprinkles.  ..
  • Mint Chocolate Nibbles
    Mint Chocolate Nibbles - A blend of real milk chocolate, caramel, wafer biscuit and fresh mint flavour to give a soft chocolate bite of minty goodness. ..
  • Original Chocolate Crumble
    Original Chocolate Crumble  - A tasty blend of chocolate, a touch more gooey toffee and extra biscuit to give a satisfying crumbly taste. ..
  • Raspberry Ruffles
    Raspberry Ruffles  - Smooth coconut & raspberry cream fondant covered with decadant dark chocolate and individually wrapped.  ..
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