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  • American Hard Gums
    American Hard Gums are large, sugary coated fruity sweets that are very chewy.   ..
  • Black and White Mints
    Black and White mintsare a classic combination of rich liquorice and refreshing mint layered to create a stripey, evenly flavoured sweet.  ..
  • Black Jack Chews
    Black Jacks were one of Hatty's favourites, as a kid she can remember cycling down to her nearest corner shop to stock up!  They are a classic retro sweet that goes hand in hand with Fruit Salads ..
  • Bubblegum Balls
    Assorted chewy balls, perfect for blowing the best bubbles. ..
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  • Candy Sticks
    Candy Sticks - Very sweet soft white sticks, once called Candy Cigarettes  ..
  • Chewy Blackcurrant & Apple Bonbons
    Chewy Blackcurrant & Apple Bonbons gives a different twist on the traditional bonbon, these fruity flavoured blackcurrant and apple bonbons are chewy the entire way through.  ..
  • Chewy Blue Raspberry Bonbons
    Chewy Blue Raspberry Bonbons - There is NO toffee in the centre of these bonbons just pure chewyness. Delightful chewy bonbons bursting with tangy, mouthwatering raspberry flavour.  ..
  • Chewy Lemon & Lime Bonbons
    Chewy Lemon & Lime Bonbons gives a twist on the classic, these lemon and lime bonbons are chewy all the way through. No toffee here, just sharp very moreish lemon and lime chewiness.  ..
  • Chewy Lemon Bonbons
    Chewy Lemon Bonbons - A little different to the orginal, these tangy lemon bonbons are chewy all the way through. No hard toffee or dusted sugar coating here just pure, lemony goodness! ..
  • Chewy Rhubarb & Custard Bonbons
    Chewy Rhubarb & Custard Bonbons - A twist on the original, there is no toffee centre or sugary coating here just pure fruity rhubarb and custard chewy yumminess!  ..
  • Chewy Strawberry Bonbons
    Chewy Strawberry Bonbons - a twist on the traditional, these bonbons are chewy all the way through and don't have a sugar coating or toffee centre. Just pure chewy strawberry flavour!  ..
  • Chewy Tango Bonbons
    Chewy Tango Bonbons - a combination of super chewy bonbons in three fruity flavours - apple, cherry & orange. Perfect for anyone who can't decide what flavour bonbon they want!  ..
  • Chewy Toffee Bonbons
    Chewy Toffee Bonbons - a twist on the traditional, these toffee flavoured bonbons are chewy all the way through and don't have a sugar coating or toffee centre.  ..
  • Chewy Vimto Bonbons
    Chewy Vimto Bonbons - a burst of fruity Vimto flavour, these bonbons are unlike any traditional bonbon and are chewy the entire way through. No toffee or icing sugar here!    ..
  • Coconut Mushrooms
    Coconut Mushrooms - Soft & chewy mushroom shaped sweets with a delicate liquorice flavour and a dusting of toasted coconut flakes.  ..
  • Cola Bottles
    Little gummy cola bottles. No fizz but they're full of cola flavour.  ..
  • Dew Drops
    These little sugar covered sweets come in a mix of colours. They're fruity chewy sweets with each colour having its own flavour. ..
  • Dolly Mixture
    Soft squares and rounds of pretty colourful soft sweets and gummy little sugar coated drops. Each little sweet is a delious fruit flavour. ..
  • Milk Gums are a delicious traditional favourite - they're milk chews in the shape of little milk bottles covered in a soft powder. ..
  • Foam Banana
    Soft and chewy banana shaped sweets that melts in your mouth. ..
  • Foam Shrimp
    The only resemblence to shrimps these have are the shape! They're raspberry flavoured foam sweets.  ..
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