Unique Gifts for your guests

Want something different for your wedding favours? Tired of the usual sugared almonds and chocolate mints? Go retro! Give your guests something to talk about with the great selection of traditional pick 'n' mix wedding favours from Hattys.

Available in either traditional retro paper bags, or stylish jars, you can build the perfect pick 'n' mix selection which best describes you as a couple. Are you soft and squishy like flumps or hot and spicy like chocolate ginger? You can even tailor the favours to 'boys sweets' and 'girl sweets' to further capture the school day vibe. You could also make 'big kids' bundles filled with grown up goodies or some sugar free teddies or cola bottles especially for the little guys. The extensive range found at Hattys has delicious delights for everyone.

The perfect icebreaker for making new friends at the table, a Hattys retro Sweet Tree will bring back shared memories between guests of all ages. Do you remember sherbet dib dabs on the school bus? Or how about giving your best pal a friendship ring? The absolute beauty of retro sweets is that each one has a story. Wedding breakfasts can sometimes feel a little awkward, especially if you have chosen to mix up family and friends, so you can relax in the knowledge that your retro favours will create the perfect ambience.

What's more, you and you other half can take a trip down memory lane together before the big day and sample the range either by ordering your selection online or popping into Hattys Sweet Shop (this can be arranged after hours so you have the shop to yourselves!) Hattys believes in helping you take a little time out of what can be a stressful time of planning. The tasting sessions are fun and friendly and will give you both a well-earned break from table plans to dress hunting. Take your time, enjoy the experience - it's all in the name of research after all!

If one pick 'n' mix bag per guest isn't enough then how about hiring Hattys Sweet Cart for a pick 'n' mix self service experience. Hattys has years of experience colour coordinating and theming your sweet cart for that perfect finishing touch!

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