Fizzy Jelly Grab Bag – Customisable


A mouth watering assortment of fizzy jelly Pick n’ Mix – with 10 different types of sweets that you can pick! Choose a total of 10 items (if you want more of something – you can add more – If you don’t want an item, don’t select it!)

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  Product Quantity
Fizzy Fangs
Fizzy Cable Bites
Fizzy Dummies
Fizzy Cola Bottles
Fizzy Bubblegum Bottles
Fizzy Twin Cherries
Fizzy Strawberries
Rainbow Bites
Sour Apples
Spanish Peaches
  • Please choose between 1 and 10 items to continue…

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A mix of 10 different fizzy jellies, and you can pick which ones you prefer to be included!

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