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Promotional & Branded Sweets

Promotional & Branded Sweets

Sweeten Your Corporate gifting with our Personalised Sweets: At Hatty’s Sweet Shop, we offer a delightful array of corporate and personalised sweets that are sure to leave a lasting impression. Whether you’re looking to strengthen relationships with clients, show appreciation to employees, or make a memorable statement at events, our customisable selection has got you covered.With our customisable options, you can add your company logo, personalised messages, and even tailor the packaging to align with your brand identity.Whether you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind gift for a valued client or a memorable token of appreciation for your hardworking team, our personalised sweets are guaranteed to make a sweet statement. Explore our collection today and let us help you sweeten your corporate connections in the most delicious way possible.

Make a lasting impression with your corporate gifts this year by choosing retro sweet hampers and jars from Hatty’s Sweet Shop.

Our beautifully packaged and stylishly presented gifts are not only fun but also serve as great conversation starters. Stand out from the usual wine or chocolate gifts and show your clients that you care by sending them a thoughtful, funky, and delicious retro treat.

Our corporate gift packages are a cost-effective way to attract new business and create a positive and memorable image of your brand. We can customize our products to suit your specific corporate needs, whether it’s a thank you or a warm greeting. Our goal is to capture attention and leave a lasting impact.

Add a vintage-inspired twist to your events with our retro pick-n-mix selection. We love to evoke memories of yesteryear and spark conversations about your brand. The current trend of all things vintage allows us to provide an innovative approach to a classic product, perfectly tailored to meet your corporate requirements.

Choose our vintage-style jars to stylishly display your corporate branding. Select your preferred sweets, provide us with the information you’d like to share, and we’ll create a retro-style bespoke label that enhances positive brand awareness.

With the versatile range of products at Hattys Sweet Shop, you can customize your corporate gifts based on the season, interests, or business type. For example, treat a department on a team-building exercise with individual jars of sports mixture, or target customers during a quiet month in February with Valentine ‘s-inspired love hearts and cherry lips. Whether it’s a quirky Halloween hamper or a unique Christmas present, Hatty’s has got you covered for any occasion and recipient.

Consider thanking your staff with a retro sweets hamper. A happy workforce is a productive one, and this innovative treat is sure to spread smiles. Add some excitement to Christmas with the perfect team gift – arguably the best icebreaker and team-building present ever. Your valued employees can share memories of the past over their pick-n-mix, feeling truly appreciated with this classic and inspired gift.

At Hatty’s, we believe that corporate gifts should be a cost-effective means of creating positive associations, making our nostalgia-infused pick-n-mix an ideal choice.

Stand out, be memorable, and get inspired by Hattys Sweet Shop. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and receive a free, no-obligation quote.

How It Works

We understand that every business, staff, and client is unique. We are dedicated to helping your corporate gift be as unique and memorable as you are. The first step is to get in touch with us so we can discuss your requirements. We’ll then create some spectacularly sweet ideas just for you.

Call us at 01372 727779 or send an email to hatty@hattys.co.uk