Hatty's Sweet Shop


About Us

A bit about us...

A spectacular sweet shop in Epsom, filled with old-fashioned sweets, American candy, fudge & much more!

The Hatty Story

For as long as Hatty can remember she’s always had a sweet. As a young girl she was obsessed with sweets and dreamed of having a sweet shop of her own, a playground of all things sugary and fun. 
Hatty left school at 17 and worked in her Mum’s shop, Quest in Epsom. A year later, after working closely with her Mum in Quest and learning the skills of owning a shop, Hatty decided to take the plunge and open her own sweet shop. Just like she had always dreamed.
On the 25th of October 2012, Hatty’s Sweet Shop opened its door for the first time. The shop was everything little Hatty had dreamed of, bright and colourful with sweets everywhere! 
Nine years on and the shop has grown in leaps and bounds. Hatty’s humble shop now rivals Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory! You can find retro sweets in traditional glass jars, American candy, personalised gifts for  loved ones, handmade Dorset fudge and in Hatty’s latest addition; Epsom’s only Slush Puppie Machine.
Behind every sweet we serve is a story of support and dreams. That is what makes us passionate about sweets, as we know there will be another little Hatty looking through our shop’s window saying to their Mum “I want to own a sweet shop one day”.
So whether you’re a sweet tooth little boy and girl, or an adult wanting to relive your childhood – Hatty’s Sweet Shop has a range of treats, sweets and fun waiting for you.