Sweet Subscription Grab Bag

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Indulge in a delightful and convenient sweet subscription service offered by Hatty’s Sweet Shop. Choose how often you want your favourite treats delivered right to your doorstep. Satisfy your sweet tooth with a delightful assortment of candies and confections.


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Introducing our irresistible sweet subscription service, designed to give you a hassle-free and delightful experience. With our subscription, you can personalise your sweet deliveries according to your preferences and schedule, ensuring a continuous supply of mouthwatering treats.

How does it work? It’s simple! Select from our wide range of delectable candies, chocolates, and confections, tailored to please any taste bud. Then, customise the delivery frequency that suits you best—whether it’s once a month, every two weeks, or even weekly. We understand that everyone has different levels of sweet cravings!

Every package we send is curated with love and care, ensuring that you receive only the finest quality sweets. From nostalgic childhood favourites to tempting new flavours, our selection is guaranteed to take you on a journey to candy heaven. Surprise yourself with each delivery, or let us know your preferences, and we’ll customise the contents of your bag to match your taste.

Whether you’re looking to satisfy your personal sweet tooth or surprise someone with the gift of a never-ending sugar rush, Hatty’s Sweet Shop has got you covered. Forget the hassle of searching for your favourite treats in stores or worrying about running out of supplies—our sweet subscription service has you sorted. Give in to the temptation and let us transport you to a world of sugar-coated bliss.

Subscribe to our sweet service today and embark on a delightful adventure with every mouthful.

Weight 1 kg
Pick Your Grab Bag

Chocolate, Fizzy, Bonbon, Retro, Vegan, Classic Jellies

Choose Your Size

650g (£9.99), 1kg (£13.99)

Subscription Term

Weekly, Fortnightly (Every 2 Weeks), Monthly


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